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CapitalCo is an online trading platform based in the UK. The broker has been in the industry for almost 13 years, established in 2009. They have been operating worldwide except in the US and Iran. The broker offers a wide range of trading instruments, including forex, metals, energies, equities, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. CapitalCo is not a regulated broker; however, the process is underway, and they will get the regulation license from a tier-1 or tier-2 jurisdiction within 6-months.

Trading Platforms

CapitalCo provides an in-house dynamic Web Trading platform to make your trading journey easy. The WebTrading platform is synchronized with MT4 trading platform; you can access it anytime, no matter where you are.

CapitalCo Web Trading Platform

CapitalCo provides instant access to the Web Trading platform. To get started, all you need is an internet connection. Before establishing an account, you must provide basic information such as your name, email address, and phone number. A window on your computer screen allows you to view currency market circumstances rapidly.

A trader can enjoy:

  • View Aggregate Positions
  • Advanced “Close All: Functionality
  • Real-Time Quotes and Execution
  • Dynamic Order Routing

CapitalCo web trader is fully synchronized with Meta Quotes MT4, implying that you can enjoy all features of MT4 in CapitalCo WebTrader. CapitalCo’s WebTrader is an advanced trading platform specializing users in building and automating complex trades. It also offers customers a broad range of market indicators to utilize while making trades. It’s notably beneficial for foreign exchange (forex) trading, although it may be used in a wide range of markets. CapitalCo’s WebTrader is available for free download and usage.

CapitalCo is a comprehensive trading platform that handles almost everything. While seasoned traders will have an easier time taking advantage of all the platform offers, newbies should also have a relatively simple time navigating the site’s interface. They will access various educational resources and tutorials to help them understand the platform.

With CapitalCo’s WebTrader, you may trade currencies, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies in one place. Live price movement and order placements may be observed for beginners.

A trader may open three types of positions and check them out with a single click at the bottom of the screen using the Web Trader. They get access to all open positions, closed positions, and pending positions in one place.

The Web Trading platform provides a plethora of drawing tools that may be used to create and implement trading strategies. Here is a list of drawing tools to assist you in building a strategy.

  • Pointers (arrow pointer, crosshair pointer).
  • Lines (Vertical line, Horizontal line, Trend line, Ray, Polyline).
  • Shapes (Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle).
  • Signs (Thumb up, Thumb down, Arrow up, Arrow down, Stop sign, Check sign, Right price label, Left price label, Price label).
  • Fibonacci tools (Fibonacci retracement, Fibonacci time zones, Fibonacci fan, Fibonacci arc, Fibonacci extension).
  • Channels (Fibo channel, Linear regression channel).
  • Andrews’ Pitchfork.
  • Text label.
  • Wave symbols.
  • Risk/Reward tool.


Here is the structure of fees with CapitalCo.

Commission and Spreads

CapitalCo charges variable spreads and commissions depending on your account type. The broker offers four types of accounts to their customers. The accounts are mainly segregated based on the minimum-maximum deposit range and pricing. With the basic test account, you have to face relatively high spreads and commissions; on the premium VIP account, there are no spreads and swaps. But it is for big-sized clients who have deposits of over 250,000$.

Here is the complete breakdown of spreads and commissions charged on various accounts:

Test Account: The spreads are charged from 0.5pips while the commission begins from 1.3% from profit on the Test account. Above that, there is a private account manager and professional investment plan facility in this account.

Silver Account: The spreads are charged from 0.5pips while the commission begins from 1.3% from profit on the Silver accounts. On top of that, there is a facility for private account managers, fully managed accounts, and a professional investment plan in this account. Besides the deposit ranges from 10,000$ – 50,000$.

Gold Account: The spreads are charged from 0.5pips while the commission begins from 1.3% from profit on the Gold account. Additional perks you can enjoy in this account type are the facility of a private account manager, a professional investment plan, and access to fully managed accounts. You won’t get full access to assets in the Test and Silver account. However, you can fully access all asset classes in this account type. To access Gold account, the deposit range must be 50,000$-250,000$.

VIP Account: As the name suggests, VIP account is the best for big-sized clients. A customer gets out-of-the-way facilities in such accounts. CapitalCo’s VIP account holders can enjoy a private account manager, professional investment plan, fully managed accounts, and full access to all assets without being charged on spreads and swaps. The commission charges in this account are also nominal.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

CapitalCo provides a variety of payments and withdrawal options. Users can deposit and withdraw funds through bank (wire) transfers, debit/credit cards, and cryptocurrencies.

The broker offers free deposits and withdrawals; however, you must check with intermediaries or third-party charges when executing the payments. The intermediary could be the bank or any financial institution. The broker requires a minimum deposit of 250$; while proceeding with a withdrawal, you must have at least 50$.

Inactivity Fees

CapitalCo does not charge any account inactivity fees no matter how long you keep your account dormant. You can sign off and won’t be charged above the basic deposit whenever you re-join.

Trading Instruments

CapitalCo offers you an epic opportunity to diversify your trading portfolio while investing in various asset classes. The broker offers forex, metals, energies, equities, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. So if you have any hassle or technical issues while assessing the price movements, you can maneuver among the different asset classes and make the best choices to win trades.

Instruments Availability

Customer Service

CapitalCo provides email and phone support to clients worldwide except in the excluded countries. You can contact the support team if you have issues with the account or face difficulties while taking the withdrawal. The ticket resolution time of the broker is extremely tight as most of the time, the issues are resolved within an hour or two. The broker also provides call-back service to their customers. If you contact other than the office time, there might be some delay, but the support team will contact you back soon with a solution.


CapitalPro’s Webtrader is synchronized with MT4 platform, the world’s most widely used trading software. MT4 is designed for every level of trader. If you are a beginner, there are quick order execution options as you can play with Stop loss and Take Profit options. If you are a pro trader, you have the option to place orders and open positions like:

  • Market Order
  • Pending Order (Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Limit, Sell Stop)
  • Stop Loss
  • Take Profit

The navigation panel is self-leading if you want to do anything with colors or add any charting tool, you can do it with a single click.

Research & Education

CapitalCo offers a variety of educational tools for rookie and experienced onboard traders. These training tools will help you enhance your trading abilities and financial market understanding.

Market Analysis

Market analysis is the thorough assessment of a market within a certain industry. It comprises numerous quantitative and qualitative techniques such as market research and evaluation. Market analysis is essential in crafting a business strategy since it examines the market’s size and value, consumer behavior and spending patterns, the competition, and the market barriers and problems. Thus, the information derived from this analysis is crucial in moving ahead with a successful trading business.

Whether technical or fundamental analysis, CapitalCo provides you all relevant information on your inbox daily before market opening. It will help you make prudent trading decisions on forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, and indices.

Financial News & Forecast

When we speak about an asset’s “potential future,” we’re referring to the many paths it may follow in the next months and years. Even if you’re focused on day-to-day operations, a long-term strategic plan isn’t something to avoid; it helps your trading career reach its long-term goals. If you don’t keep your goals in mind, you can find yourself working against them or underperforming compared to what you could accomplish.

A strong forecast allows you to try out different scenarios and explore different opportunities. Keeping this in mind, CapitalCo provides news and forecasting facilities to the customers already on board. In that way, it is easy for them to predict the price movement of a certain asset more clearly. This improves the chance of winning trade hence improving the learning curve.

Weekly Webinars and Q&A

Many beginners have thousands of queries when they enter a trading field. CapitalCo addresses all customer queries as there are dedicated account managers for every kind of account they offer. They help make investment plans and utilize their decades of research and live trading experiences. In addition, weekly webinars are conducted by top field professionals.


Regulation is the benchmark for opening an account with a trading broker. The broker is thought to be secure if the top-tier jurisdiction regulates it. Unfortunately, CapitalCo is not a regulated broker for now, but they have already applied for the license from one of the well-known regulatory bodies of the world. It is time to open an account with the broker as the non-regulated broker compensates their clientage best. After six months, when they get proper regulation, there could be a rise in the trading spread or commission charges.

There seems to be no risk of investing with CapitalCo as there has not been any negativity observed since its inception in 2016. For the safety of funds, your money will be kept in segregated accounts, and there is a facility of a Personal Accounts Manager who guides you whenever you are in trouble. If you are new to the business and need proper guidance, there are investment plans designed by professionals to promote safety and minimize liquidation risk. The broker offers inbuilt insurance of clients’ funds, -which means that when you are investing with CapitalCo your funds are in safe hands, and in case of any disaster, you will be compensated accordingly.

Pros & Cons


CapitalCo has been providing its high-quality trading services since 2016 all over the world except US and Iran. Since it is not a regulated broker does not depict its authenticity as there has not been any complaint filed against the broker for its conduct. The broker has sensitively followed all safety measures like keeping the funds in segregated accounts to ensure the customer’s funds. Besides this, they have applied for the license and will be a regulated broker within a six-month tenor. Above all, there is no upper bar on the leverage as you can enjoy whatever you like.